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Kaba Mas manufactures access control products for business,
government and institutional applications. In 2001, the Kaba Group, a market chief in safety gadgets, acquired
Ilco Unican Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries, together with Mas-Hamilton. Once a part of the Kaba Group, Mas-Hamilton and the Ilco Unican line
of mechanical combination and safe deposit locks grew to become a part
of the Kaba Mas Corporation. Since its inception, Kaba Mas has
grown from 5 to one hundred twenty workers and is now one of
the world's largest manufacturers of protected and protected deposit locks.

Traditionally, secure deposit field locks are twin-key-required
lever locks that function a bolt. The original goal of the protected deposit
field lock was to maintain security of the secure deposit containers for both the administration and the renter.
To open a traditional safe deposit box lock, both the
right guard's key and renter's key have been required.

The guard's key can be used first to clear and permit operation of
the lock. Then the renter's key could be inserted
and would function the lock, retracting the bolt.

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