A Complete Guide To Wearing Red Nail Polish

A Complete Guide To Wearing Red Nail Polish

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For many women, an outfit is incomplete without nail polish. The art of nail painting has existed for centuries. Women love to get manicures and pedicures, choosing the most vibrant shades for their nails and toes. Some of the most popular nail polish shades include- nude, pink, Copper paintings hanging in the living room mauve and reds. These days' nudes and how much Copper paintings hanging in the living room country Copper paintings hanging in the living room cost, reds are quite in fashion when it comes to nail art and painting.

Believe it or not, but the colour red suits every outfit and complexion. You just have to pick the right shade of red and follow some of the important tips to wearing a typical red nail lacquer.

With the advent of online marketing, it has become super easy for customers to buy polish online. You get to compare a range of shades and prices and brands before buying one. And if you are already a fan of red nail colour, you have by now amassed nail polish sets of various brands ad shades.

So, follow this guide to wearing red nail polish perfectly:

  1. If you have a cool skin undertone, opt for blue-based red shades. Avoid rich and dark chocolate and burgundy reds and Copper paintings hanging in the living room, bronze and golden reds as they seem to clash with cool skin tone.
  2. If you have a warmer skin tone, go for auburn reds, chestnut reds and tomato reds and shun the blue reds or other dark shades of red, as they look extremely washed out on women with warm skin tone.
  3. Ladies with neutral skin tones, who have a polish containing red shades, can opt for true reds or intense red. The more intense the red is, the better and more glamorous will be your manicure. You can also try pink shades for a more subdued effect.
  4. After choosing the best fitting nail colour for your skin tone, the next step is to follow a care regimen. Moisturize your fingers and massage your cuticles with good quality cuticle oil. This will keep your nails healthy and strong. It will also avoid nail breaks.
  5. After that, apply a base coat on your hand before applying the red paint, to avoid staining. This step will also make your nail colour last longer.
  6. Lastly, the feature to keep in mind is uniformity of nail shape. You can keep the length as per your choice, but the shape of each nail has to be the same.

Invest in a nail paint set with different shades of red and sport perfectly painted nails all the time!

Priyanshi Shah is a makeup expert at one of the biggest salons in Mumbai. She loves to indulge in desserts on her off days and offers tips on how to choose face makeup depending on skin type. Writing online articles for various beauty, lifestyle, and fashion portals are something she loves doing.

In this article, she offers a complete guide to wearing red nail polish and buying a .

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